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Why You Need To Do A Brand Photo Shoot

As a small business owner I understand the value of stepping in front of the camera regularly, and while it’s a little easier for me, since I have that camera, I know how to use it even for self portraits, and I know how to create professional images all in house, I’ve made it a habit of regularly hiring photographers and stepping in front of their cameras.

Here are my top five reasons why you need a brand shoot;

#5 - Collaborating with another creative means fresh eyes on your brand.

I get so excited working with other entrepreneurs, hearing about their journey and dreaming about creating imagery for their brands. This collaboration is such a joy, and also allows someone outside of your business to take a look at your brand and provide feedback. We need feedback to break into our little brand bubbles to show us how our brand is being perceived in the world.

#4 - Professional brand images show your audiences that you mean business and that you are ready for theirs.

Professional imagery tailored to your business can make a world of a difference, especially to potential customers and clients that are meeting your business for the first time. The photos on your websites and on your social media are your introduction to the world, and I’m here to help you make a great first impression.

#3 - Step up your content game with images ready to schedule for your social media.

The pressure for businesses to have a presence on social media seems to never stop growing and creating content can be quite overwhelming. A brand session can be that kick start you need to step up your social media content game. When you book a brand session with me, you will leave with a minimum of 60 images. There is so much we can do, even in just an hour - some product features, environmental portraits to show off your behind the scenes, a classic and professional headshot, creative, editorial portraits, and so much more.

Let’s start imagining what content we can create for your brand - book your free consultation.

#2 - The world, and your business, is ever changing - we need some updated imagery!

You’ve been busy creating and adapting; you’ve created new lines, launched new services. Your business is evolving and the world needs to hear (and see) your brand’s story as you write each chapter. What chapter are you writing right now and how can we capture and share that?

#1 - Trust me, everyone wants to see your face!

Just take a look at your Instagram analytics - I would bet that posts that feature your lovely face do pretty well when compared to your other posts. Your customers and clients want to get to know you as a small business owner. When they order your product or book your service, they have made a mindful decision to support you and your values. They are your fans and they are invested in your brand's journey. Let’s create imagery that will allow you to create meaningful connections with them.

Are you ready to create beautiful imagery for your brand? Let’s get started!


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