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Three Ways My Values Have Shaped My Business

I’ve been thinking a lot about the values that run my business. Ever since I’ve clarified and identified my brand’s values and spent time and resources grounding down into those values, everything in my business feels so much more aligned. From the brand aesthetic to the marketing strategy, everything feels more intentional and authentic to who I am as a creative human that has her own business. My values are the foundation of that business and this foundation has informed how I’ve reached my audience, my overall decision-making, and my definition of success.

Christina poses in a blue crew neck sweatshirt in front of a yellow paper backdrop.

My audience is aligned with my values.

I am so very excited for this wedding season not because I’m so very #bookedandblessed but because each client feels like the perfect fit. I’ve connected with some amazing couples and they found me and chose me to capture their wedding day in large part because of the values I hold and have shared. I’m growing an audience that is aligned with my values and it feels so very good!

This also means that my marketing strategy is a lot more cohesive; my content is working together to call in the people I want to work with, and it has the added bonus of disqualifying people that I probably don’t want to work with. This attract and repel strategy has resulted in a higher number of quality leads, because those people that don’t fit my price range, don’t vibe with my work, and don’t align with my values aren’t filling my inboxes. Yes, this means fewer leads overall, but a much higher success rate.

Christina poses in a floral two piece outfit and yellow hat in front of a purple backdrop.

My decisions are directed by my values.

I feel more confident as I make decisions for my business. My day-to-day decisions like what content to post, what tasks to prioritize, what projects to take on, etc. are all a little easier because I’m guided by those values. Those values inform my priorities in micro and macro decision-making.

I often talk about my limited capacity, courtesy of my own blend of neurospice. This means that I need to be strategic with the jobs that I take and with the time I spend working. I let my values guide that strategy to help me prioritize the very many tasks my business demands of me.

Three self portraits of Christina, Winnipeg photographer and creative coach, wearing yellow and posing against purple paper.

My success is defined by my values.

Lastly, I’m trusting myself more and more with this decision-making, with less shame and regret when things don’t work out. When things go wrong, I can be assured that I have done the best I can with the information and capabilities I currently have. My values are the foundation of the business that I am trying to build and when that foundation is sturdy and strong I know that I will be okay, regardless of the outcomes of my experimentation as I build and grow. Success is defined and informed by those values, and then measured against those values.


You may be asking what my values are and I will be outlining them in future posts. For now, my hope is that you get a sense of them through my online presence.


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