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Rebel Brand Shoot with Laura's Underthere

When Laura tells the story of our meeting she emphasizes my boldness and enthusiasm in approaching her with an idea to capture her brand story. At the time we each frequented a local coffee shop in our neighborhood and I had seen Laura there often and knew that this tall, wild woman created and sold underwear with a mission to cover every bum (she donates a pair for every pair sold). I was nervous when I walked up to the table she was sharing with a friend, offering my business card and an idea to take pictures of some of those bums covered by her eclectic underwear.

We’ve been capturing her business’ story ever since and this shoot is just the latest evolution and iteration of her brand.

Laura created a line of basics for a local virtual market held in fall 2022. She rented studio space from Teri Hofford and found a few stunning humans to model this collection alongside her. We took inspiration from the theme of the market which was “Rebel/Rebelle”, and captured what that theme means for Laura’s Underthere.



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