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New Stained Glass Collection

In just a little over a week I will be launching a new and first set “collection” of stained glass pieces. Up until now, I have simply been creating new designs sporadically, adding to the current pieces in my shop. In general, I’ve stuck to pet and animal pieces, as well as fantasy and fandom inspired pieces. This new collection is something almost entirely different.

Originally, this idea sparked when I was applying for a local, virtual market that asked applicants to design based on a theme, and despite not being accepted into that market (maybe next time!) I decided to move forward with this collection idea anyway.

While designing and creating these pieces, unexpected thoughts, emotions and memories surfaced. I even spent some time in therapy processing these memories, dissecting toxic thoughts and messages about my body, and healing and transforming my body mindset. Backstory; these toxic and harmful thoughts and beliefs stem from my experience with childhood sexual abuse and then growing up within purity culture. Thoughts like “my body is dirty” and “my body belongs to someone else” have made a home in my brain and it was time for an eviction. They’ve never paid rent and they’ve caused a lot of damage.

Creating these pieces has been an act of returning my body to myself. And while I’ve cheekily (and endearingly) named this collection “Send Me Your Nudes”, I really just want it to be a “fuck you” to all these harmful thoughts and the systems that perpetuate them. I’m taking my body back. I am not dirty, used up, or broken. I’ve soldered this bitch back together.

Here is your first sneak peek at my "Send Me Your Nudes" collection.

Hand holds stained glass sun-catcher up to the light shining through the window.
Hand holds stained glass sun-catcher dangling by chain.
Purple and blue stained glass chest sun-catcher hung by chain.
stained glass sun-catcher lays on hardwood floor in the sunlight.
Purple and blue stained glass chest sun-catcher lays on hardwood floor in sunlight.

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