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Introducing The Inspired Creative Mastermind

I have big dreams...

Three self portraits of Christina in yellow Lucy and Yak coveralls with light purple backdrop.

I have dreams of utilizing my gifts in teaching to help other creative small business owners turn their passion into purpose, and I have big dreams for that purpose. Because I believe that together we can create our way into a better world.

The Inspired Creative (my dream of a group coaching program) is starting to take shape and I would love your feedback. When I think about creating this offer, I want to make sure I'm creating something that:

1. You'd be interested in

2. Has enough interest to pursue

3. Is affordable/doable for the people I most love working with

4. Offers enough value for you to say "HELL YES, sign me up! I can't wait!"

Here’s what I know:

I believe that the world needs imaginative, intuitive, and impatient creative minds that are grounded in their values and have the time and capacity they need to create.

We need creatives that are empowered to dream AND to see those dreams translated into reality. We need creatives that are ready to create the change they want to see in the world.

Things I see missing for creative entrepreneurs include a business that demands less of their time, a community that understands and supports their creative genius, and a value system that can ground that genius and drive its purpose.

And that’s where this new offer comes in that I really need your feedback on!!

I know that when it comes to creative work we need space and time to learn and to implement what we’ve learned. The creative process also requires pauses and a little bit of patience, which is why I’m envisioning a 6-month container that helps you:

  • Clarify three core values that will become the foundation of your creative small business

  • Build a basic infrastructure that can save you time and energy

  • Reconnect with your inspiration and leverage it for income

  • All while getting support from a community that gets you, that gets the loneliness that comes with being a creative entrepreneur

So that you can find your people and grow an audience aligned with your values and vision.

So that you can spark your creative genius and create with abandon.

So that you can create the life you want, doing the things you love.

But what makes this even better are the TWO options I’m envisioning available to join:

  • OPTION 1: Winnipeg Community Tier ($50/mo or less)

  • OPTION 2: The Inspired Creative Mastermind ($450/mo or less)



($50/mo or less)

+ Winnipeg networking events

These in-person events will be designed to support Winnipeg-based creative entrepreneurs.

+ Access to and discounts on in-person and virtual workshops and seminars

I plan to bring in guest speakers to teach either their craft during creative workshops or to help us learn important business skills to support our creative endeavors, along with leading my own workshops/seminars if the topic falls under my purview. These workshops/seminars will most likely require an additional fee and be advertised to the public with discounts offered to members.

+ (1) 90-minute virtual co-working session per month

During this co-working session, we will be using the Pomodoro method to divide up our 90 minutes together into three parts with check-ins to see how we have progressed. I’ve found that co-working sessions are great for body-doubling for tasks I often procrastinate (like bookkeeping, content planning, etc.) and for accountability.

+ (1) 90-minute virtual co-playing session per month

These co-playing sessions will be an opportunity to try different mediums and create something inspired by a provided them. I imagine that 45 minutes of this session will be devoted to creating and then 45 minutes will be devoted to sharing that creation with the group.

+ (1) free Facebook community for additional support, coaching, and collaboration

This is where a lot of magic happens between calls. It's your personal space to air out what's happening throughout the week, share big wins by learning to BRAG and own your awesomeness as well as find shoulders to lean on when life feels heavier than usual.


OPTION 2: The Inspired Creative Mastermind

($450/mo or less)

+ Everything above!

+ (1) additional 90-minute co-working session per month (totaling 2)

+ (1) additional 90-minute co-playing session per month (totaling 2)

+ (4) 90-minute group coaching calls per month

I’m building out a curriculum that will include live teaching calls, supplemented by recorded materials. Two of these monthly calls will be focused on teaching a theme/subject relevant to that curriculum and the other two will be hot-seat coaching calls, with 10-minute slots that you can book to get live feedback on a problem you need help solving, to get eyes on a project you are working on, or maybe to get support implementing the concepts within the curriculum, just to name a few of the functions of these hot-seats.

+ Access to pre-recorded curriculum devoted to system building

Think of this as a “Small Business Systems Starter Kit” with templates and guidance to help build and strengthen your basic business infrastructure.

+ (3) 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls in total

As you progress through the curriculum, you will be offered milestone 1:1 coaching calls once you reached certain benchmarks. These calls will be devoted to you and your current needs and goals.


Plus EVERYONE in The Inspired Creative will be the first to know about potential creative retreats I’m dreaming of AND have an INNER CIRCLE ONLY rate (i.e. a ridiculously low ticket price) for some in-person connection time!


So, to make this an actual thing, I need some feedback on a few things:

Does The Inspired Creative sound like something that could serve you and love you in some transformative ways?

  • Absolutely!!

  • I'm not sure...

  • Not right now.

For the price, am I being mindful of meeting you where you are for the value I am offering?

  • 1000x yes!!

  • Only in Option 1; Option 2 is out of my range.

  • I really can't afford either investment at this time.

Would there be other creatives who you could see benefiting from this? There will be only 10 spots available in Option 2.

  • Sharing it now!!

  • Let me think on it...

  • Nah

I’m also thinking about bringing in guest experts who could serve the group in a variety of areas- money, leadership, productivity, marketing, etc.

My network is full of amazing people that I know would be thrilled to come to share their expertise with you. ➡︎ Does this add-on make the offer even dreamier?

  • I'd love access to your network!

  • Hmm... intriguing...

  • Still a "pass" for me.


Thank you so much for your feedback!


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