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Five Things to Do Before Your Brand Session

This spring I am doing a bit of a rebrand for my website and this calls for a brand photo session of my own! I’m excited to get in front of the camera and update my headshots and create some content for my rebrand. Doing this can be nerve-racking, even for me. In order to get you confident before your brand session, I wanted to share five things that I do before my own turn in front of the camera.

Christina, with blond balayage sits on chair backdropped by white.

Here are five things I recommend doing before your brand shoot, let’s count them down:

5. Set aside and bring along some of your branded materials.

Think business cards, branded merch, or key products from your line. Items with your business logo and name are great to use as props for your session.

When I create a brand session for you I want to ensure that you get as much out of the session as possible. Having props to interact with within the session is key. Are you a writer? Bring along your favorite tools to write (laptop, journal and pen, Ipad and keyboard). Is your job all about social media? Take out your phone! Do you have a best-selling product line? Include them in your session.

Stained Glass logo for Christina W. Kroeker Creative hangs in window with Christina in profile, holding mug looking out that window.

4. Find the perfect outfit (and some backups!) for your brand photoshoot.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fit ever since I decided on the rebrand. I intentionally found a blazer in one of my brand colours for the shoot and I still haven’t decided on the pants. I do have a more casual outfit to pair and a jumpsuit in another of my brand colours. It’s good to have options!

Christina poses in blue floral two piece outfit by Maison Corazon.

3. Set and know your goals for your brand photoshoot.

I highly recommend getting clear on your goals for your next brand session. Where are you hoping to use these photos? Is there a launch date you need these images for?

My next brand photo session is specifically for my rebrand, which I’m hoping to launch later this spring. I will be using my photos on my website, promotional materials my graphic designer is creating, and social media content during the launch and beyond. My goal is to produce images that represent this new chapter in my business and this will dictate my outfit and overall look along with any props or items I decide to bring with me to my shoot.

Christina in jean jacket and black floral jumpsuit poses by dried grass.

2. Do the things that make you feel most confident before your brand photo session.

Before the shoot, either the day before or the day of, do the things that make you feel most confident. For me, this means I’m getting my hair cut and my makeup done the morning of the shoot. I don’t wear makeup often but when I’m paying someone to capture my brand story, I want to feel my absolute best, and getting my makeup done does that.

For you, you may just need a good night's sleep, lots of water, and a shower. Or maybe getting a mani-pedi gets you feeling like the badass you are. Plan to do whatever rituals you know will elevate your mood and confidence before the shoot. You won’t regret it.

Christina sits on bed with black dog (Brie) holding pink mug.

1. Communicate with your brand photographer.

Sure, it’s great to do all these things before the shoot, but if you and your photographer aren’t on the same page with the objectives, you may not get the images you really need. Tell your photographer a little about your vision for the shoot, where you are using the photos, and what you will be bringing along as props. This way, they can plan your session accordingly.

Christina poses in living room, holding up phone to take selfie.

Ready to dip your toes in and get in front of the camera for your business? Join me and Karla Chin for our Mini Brand Session Day on Sunday, March 20th, 2022. Learn more here.


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