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Chianti, The Cross-Eyed

Our Covid-kitten is a spunky black-and-white little guy, with a tail that seems to be growing faster than the rest of him - IT'S SO LONG. The unique, furry black-and-white design dividing his face makes it look like he is wearing a Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque mask. He's also cross-eyed, which the vet informed us denotes a great temperament in a cat and which has also led to the entirety of the vet office gushing and squealing with delight when we've brought him in for his shots.

Chianti has really warmed up to the rest of our clan. He loves to annoy his sister-cat, Miel, pouncing after her with a playful whip of his LONG tail. He doesn't shy away from the doggos either, allowing them to nuzzle and sniff him. He likes to pounce on their wagging tails and I think he has started to practice wagging his own tail like them.


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