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Bold Brand Photo Session Featuring Winnipeg Graphic Designer

One of the first questions I ask during a brand consultation call is for elements to include in the moodboard for the brand's photo session, usually through Pinterest since it's easy to collect references into one place for that. Leticia include an image of someone playing cards which sparked the idea to have a deck printed with her face and logo to include in the session.

I have to say that this session's moodboard had me all kinds of excited. There were bold colors, editorial concepts, and just an amazing human behind the brand. I love how it came together on the day of, from the killer suits Leticia styled to the playing cards we had printed to the direct flash we used to add drama to her headshots.

For the first five months of 2023, I will be offering monthly mini brand session days. This is a perfect opportunity to update your headshots and create a little bit of content for your business.


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