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Assiniboine Park Summer Engagement Photos - Keith, Karina and Molly

Molly really stole the show during her humans’ engagement session at Assiniboine Park this summer. The trio took me on a guided tour of the park, stopping to pose in its gardens. With the summer solstice passed and more warm evenings ahead, Winnipeg parks like this one are sure to be filled with picnickers, dog-walkers, duck-watchers and photographers like me capturing portraits of humans and their furbabies blanketed by golden light.

After a winter and spring with sparse time behind the camera, it feels real good to dream, create, and capture; especially in settings like Assiniboine Park which always offers great backdrops. I’ll admit that I may have gone a bit overboard because Karina and Keith’s gallery included over 300 images. Sorry, not sorry for being so trigger happy!

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