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Assiniboine Park Graduation Photoshoot

It's back to school for many in Manitoba but I'm still celebrating the grads of 2020 because they deserve it and they didn't get the graduation they'd been dreaming of. I surprised Grace with a flower crown I whipped together from leftover flowers from our anniversary celebration. She was, after all, one of our flower girls ten years ago. Dressed in her cranberry off-the-shoulder grad gown from Hush Collection, Grace chose Assiniboine Park's English Gardens and Sculpture Garden for her photos.

Senior portraits featuring flower crown.
Highschool grad photos in English Gardens, Winnipeg.
English Garden graduation photo session.
Cranberry, off-the-shoulder grad down from Hush Collection.
Grad photo with sister in garden.
Grad photos with family in English Gardens, Winnipeg.
Family photos with highschool graduate in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
English Garden family photos featuring graduate.
Family portraits in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Parents of the grad take a couple portrait during grad photo session.
Sisters walk hand in hand through garden during grad portrait session.
Family photo session at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, Winnipeg.
Grad sits by the pond in Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.
Flower petals fall around grad.
Grad session with flower crown to match cranberry, off-the-shoulder gown.
Assiniboine park highschool graduation photos.
Senior portraits in Winnipeg garden.
Grad walks through garden.
Winnipeg grad walks through English Gardens during photoshoot.
Winnipeg grad portrait session.
English Garden grad portrait session.
Stunning cranberry, off-the-shoulder, floor length graduation gown.

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