Winnipeg Micro-Wedding

Melanie and Zooey celebrated their union on their original wedding date, August 1st, 2020, with a very small group of close family and friends. Their plan is to celebrate with a larger reception in late spring 2021. Wearing their wedding gowns purchased from Pearl and Birch, the couple exchanged vows under a birch arch rented from House of Silk. Melanie's niece dropped daisies along the grass where the brides walked hand-in-hand down the aisle. Their dog Mabel and her cousin Luna carried the couple's rings on their collars. After this short ceremony under a blue sky in the backyard of Melanie's childhood home, the group enjoyed pizza from Wall Street Slice. Altogether, their ceremony may not have been what they originally planned, but it was truly lovely.

Sign "Choose a seat, not a side; either way it's for a bride"
Flower girl in navy dress drops flowers along backyard aisle.
Flower girl basket filled with fake white daisies.
Grandma helps flower girl prepare the aisle for brides.
Summer flower girl.
Brides walk from house to ceremony space in backyard.
Smiling Winnipeg brides walk to backyard ceremony space.
Brides walking down the aisle in backyard micro-wedding.
Brides standing under birch arch from House of Silk.
Winnipeg brides celebrate with micro-wedding.
Birch arch from House of Silk.
Manitoba wedding couple stands under arch in backyard ceremony.
Puppies act as ring-bearers for Winnipeg micro-wedding.
Manitoba brides exchange vows during intimate wedding.
Brides hold hands under birch arch and blue sky.
Brides exchange vows; guests and aisle seen in the background.
Brides smile at each other during micro-wedding.
Intimate summer micro-wedding.
Manitoba micro wedding.
Doggie ring-bearers are lead down the aisle.
Puppy ring-bearers walk down aisle.