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Downtown Rooftop Grad Photo Session

I feel for 2020 graduates. This time that should be dedicated to celebrating your accomplishment is marred by a pandemic and I am so sorry! I encourage you to find ways, even if they are small, to celebrate and treat yourself because you deserve it! Joseph and Maryn decided to celebrate Joseph's grad with a rooftop photo session featuring his car. This evening was muggy and the clouds kept away the golden hour light I was hoping for, but these two killed their session! Congrats, Joseph!

Couple sitting in front of car during rooftop photo session in Winnipeg, MB.
Couple portraits featuring black Honda Civic.
Rooftop, parkade grad photo session.
Rooftop photo session in Winnipeg, MB.
You couple kisses, framed by the front windshield of their car.
Photo taken from inside car, of couple kissing on rooftop.
Couple sitting cozy in their black Honda Civic.
Couple seen in side mirror of car as they cozy up in car.
Rooftop photo session in downtown Winnipeg.

Graduate poses in front of black car.
Graduate showing of his black Honda Civic.
Grad sitting next to the front left rim of his car.
Manitoba graduate poses with his car.
Rooftop grad portrait session inspiration.
Smiling couple poses for rooftop photo session.
Young woman fixing her beaus hair for their couple photos.
Young couple kissing on a rooftop.
Downtown rooftop portraits.
Graduate poses in front seat of his car.
Couple seen through the windows of their car.
Couple portrait, framed by the windows of a car.
Couple poses, framed by black car.
Parkade couple photo session.
Grad and couple photo session in parkade.
Parkade grad photo session.
Downtown Winnipeg couple photoshoot.
Couple kissing on the streets of downtown, Winnipeg.
Couple walking in downtown Winnipeg, photo taken from a few floors up.

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