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Cloudy Spring Day Engagement Session

Monica and Jeff met me alone the riverside in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, MB, for their early-evening photo session. This session was supposed to be a sunset/golden-hour session, but dark clouds hung in the sky, threatening to rain down on us. The rain stayed at bay for the 45 minutes we spent in this small, riverside park. As we arrived at their building to take some photos in their lobby, the rain started to fall. The couple brought down their "Magic: The Gathering" gear to close their love story session, since it was their love of the game that let to their very own meet-cute.

Spring engagement photo session.
Couple cuddles during engagement photoshoot
Smiling bride-to-be and her fiance, during spring engagement session.
Engaged couple sits on park bench in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Engagement photo session in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Smiling couple cuddles on park bench during love story session.
Engaged couple stand in Winnipeg, riverside park, backdropped by downtown, Winnipeg's skyline.
Winnipeg's city skyline seen in the background where engaged couple poses.
Engaged couple embraces, displaying engagement ring.
Custom engagement ring.
Winnipeg engaged couple embraces.
Engaged couple poses for a portrait.
Engaged couple holds hand, posing in from of spring foliage.
Engaged couple poses infront of Winnipeg train bridge.
Winnipeg engaged couple ebrace for photo session.
Smiling Winnipeg couple gazes into each others eyes during photo session.
Winnipeg engaged couple poses in riverside St. Boniface park.
Engaged couple walks hand in hand, with Winnipeg's skyline and a train bridge in the background.
Smiling couple walks through park.
Couple poses during spring engagement photoshoot.
Cloudy spring engagement session in Winnipeg, MB.
Engaged bands sit on top of a rock.
Engagement bands sit on top and framed by "Magic:The Gathering" gear.
Engaged couple in their apartment lobby.
Engaged couple plays "Magic:The Gathering".

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