I Got It From My Mama - Mama and Me Photo Session

This was my first session after the Manitoba shutdown, just a few days before Mother's Day 2020. Melissa and Serenity donned this cute set of sweaters and invited me to capture a few photos of them on their front yard. This mama and me session brought me a great deal of joy; being able to pick up my camera and have humans in front of it (even if it is 6ft away!) was truly wonderful.

Mother and daughter pose on front steps.
Mama and me photo session in Winnipeg, MB.
Daughter wears sweater with "I Got It From My Mama" written on front.
Mom gives daughter a piggyback ride during photo session.
Mom wears sweater that says "Mama" on the front.
Daughter poses backdropped by the setting sun.
Mother and daughter pose in coordinating sweaters for photo session.
Mother and daughter photo session.
Sweater with "I Got It From My Mama" design.
Mom and daughter walk hand-in-hand down their street.
Daughter holds mom's hand while walking down their street.
Mama and me sunset photo session.
Mother, daughter sunset photo session.
Daughter embracing mom during photo session.
Mom twirls daughter during photo session.