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Lacy and Brie, the Wonder Dogs

The morning light in our bedroom is pretty decent. In recent weeks we've spent most of our time at home and much of that in our bedroom, sitting with our backs against our headboard in the whimsical wallpaper of our South wall. I don't often wake up early enough to enjoy the sunrise washing over our bedroom. Lately, though, our cat Miel has decided that 7am is a good time for everyone in the house to wake up. She likes to come into our room, where Ben and I and the dogs are settled, trying to get a little bit more sleep, and 'meow' loud enough for the dogs to wake up and chase her down the stairs. She's an evil mastermind.

With the whole house awake, I decided to do an Easter morning photo shoot with the dogs in our bedroom. You may notice that the doggos look a little tired and right after their photoshoot they took a nice long nap on the couches downstairs while the cat enjoyed the king-size bed all to herself.

When I was taking photos of Lacy and Brie I was trying to capture their eyes, in particular. Both dogs have such beautiful brown eyes. Lacy's are deep and caring; Brie's are a little brighter, gleaming with mischief. I spend a lot of time gazing into these eyes and talking in my 'baby' voice. I needed to capture these eyes. And these boopable noses, too.


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