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Choosing Your Engagement Session Location

Engagement session on the Provencher Bridge.

As your photographer, I have got you covered in helping to choose the perfect location for your engagement photo session. There are a few things I ask my clients to get an idea of their vision for this session; 1. What kind of backdrop(s) are you inspired by? 2. What season are you envisioning? 3. Are there any locations that are special to you as a couple?

Provencher bridge engagement session in Winnipeg, MB.

1. What kind of backdrop(s) are you inspired by? Consider the backdrop you would like to use to tell your love story. This may be indoors at your home because you are homebodies and you want your feline friends to be included in the photos (I TOTALLY get that!). You may want some variety with indoor and outdoor options, stopping in at your favourite coffee shop during a walk through downtown. And let’s talk about that downtown look! An urban backdrop is classic pretty much anytime of the year and it can showcase your love for your city (go WINNIPEG!). How about a picnic in the woods? Or a walk through the park with your doggo? There are so many options, even in Winnipeg, and what your photographer needs from you is to narrow down the kind of setting that speaks to you as a couple.

Winnipeg engagement session at the Forks Market.
At-home engagement session in Selkirk, Manitoba.
Summer forest engagement session in Winnipeg, MB.

2. What season are you envisioning?

The season you choose for your engagement photos can determine the feel of your portraits and, of course, this is more important when you know you are wanting an outdoor location. Manitoba gets four seasons, some that are much shorter than the others, though, so be mindful of that! If you are wanting the lovely fresh blooms of spring you will only have a small window of time to capture that. Same goes with the stunning fall colours, which are covered far too soon by snow, in my opinion. Winter portraits can be fun, but November through January can often be quite gloomy, so I would recommend aiming for a February shoot, in hopes that we will get some sunshine for your snowy photoshoot. Summer is classic, but also a busier time for most photographers and so you want to book a shoot sooner rather than later.

Grand Beach, Manitoba, summer engagement session.
Fall engagement session in Assiniboine Forest.
Prairie winter engagement session in Winnipeg, MB
Spring engagement session at Assiniboine Park.

3. Are there any locations that are special to you as a couple?

A location that sparks memories of some of your favourite dates or moments as a couple is a great place to start. Highlighting the restaurant where you first met up, or the park where you proposed, or the beach where you spent every free day last summer together, means that every time you look at your photos you’ll also remember those moments. As an added bonus you also get to share some great stories about those moments when you share your photos with the world. I highly recommend this!

Local coffeeshop engagement photo session.
Engagement session at the Cube in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I hope this helps you get started in dreaming of your engagement session, and please contact me if you are still searching for the right person to capture your wedding day! I’d love to chat.

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