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Winter Prairie Engagement Session at Assiniboine Forest

Assiniboine forest is a gorgeous photo shoot location any time of year and I have hosted engaged couples among its birch trees during every season, but I will say that the forest is particularly wonderful in the winter. During Ethan and Maggie's snowy engagement session, we took shelter from the chilly wind along the forests path, where these trees blocked some of the cold. I love the tones that their bark produced during this session. The sun was setting over the forests open prairie field as we ended our session.

Couple sits on bench in winter engagement session in Assiniboine Forest.
Ethan squeeze his fiance.
Winter forest engagement session.
Winter engagement portraits in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Fiances embrace during winter couples photos.
February forest engagement photos.
Engaged couple walks through Assiniboine forest for photo session.
Engaged couples walk through forest.
Walking through forest, hand in hand.
Engaged couple walks through forest during winter engagement photos.
Engagement ring.
Winter engagement photos.
Assiniboine forest engagement session.
Assiniboine forest engagement photos in winter.
Winter love story session in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Manitoba winter engagement session.
Engaged couple poses during winter photo session.
Engaged couple touch noses during session in forest during the winter.
Engaged couple in near kiss, blurred with forest and sun in background in focus.
Engaged couple with sun shining through between them.
Winter engagement session in snowy forest.
engaged couple kisses during snowy forest photo session.
Couple laughing during winter engagement session
Couple poses during their engagement session in Assiniboine forest.
Couple poses during winter engagement session.
Winter engagement photo session in Manitoba.
Canadian winter engagement photo session.
Couple dances in snowy forest.
Engaged couple dances during they snowy engagement session.
Couple kisses during snowy forest engagement photo session.
Engaged couple kisses during snowy forest photo session.
Engaged couple kissing in snowy birch forest.
Close up of engaged couples faces and eyes.
Winnipeg couple during their winter engagement session.
Engaged couple, close up smiling.
Simple, elegant engagement ring in snow.
Engagement ring on snowy log.
Prairie winter engagement session with couple not in focus.
Prairie winter engagement photos.
Prairie winter sunset engagement photoshoot.
Sunset kiss during Winnipeg, winter engagement session.
Winnipeg prairie engagement photos.
Winnipeg engaged couple against the prairie winter sunset.
Winter couples portrait.
Winnipeg engaged couple against prairie sky.
Winter engagement photo session, against a prairie sunset.
Couple in piggyback pose for their engagement session.
Piggybacking couple poses for engagement photo session.
Winter engagement photo session in Assiniboine forest.
Engagement session in Assiniboine forest during winter.

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