How to Plan Your Geek-Themed Wedding (Part 5) - Featuring Lakeview Gimli Resort

A venue is where you start; if you're planning a wedding, I'm sure you already know this. A venue will direct so many of your other decisions, like your wedding date and the overall vibe and atmosphere. If you are planning your day around a theme, you should pay special attention to what a venue can offer to enhance your theme, and what things might detract from it. For our Marvel themed wedding, we loved that the Lakeview Gimli Resort offers a beachside setting and a ballroom that can be transformed to fit your needs. With Gimli's charming setting right outside it's doors, it's easy to find photo locations for your wedding.

I cannot say enough how thankful I am to the staff of Lakeview Gimli Resort for hosting our style Marvel-themed wedding. We were provided with everything we could want; the staff enthusiastically helped with setup and take down. With the option for a beachside ceremony overlooking Lake Winnipeg, the Lakeview Gimli Resort is an amazing setting for your geek-themed interlake wedding.



Styling and coordinating by GeekChic Decor with help from On Tap Events | Rentals by C&T Rental | Cake by