How to Plan Your Geek-Themed Wedding (Part 2) - with Anna Lang Bridal, Mallabar Apparels and Hush Co

One of the simplest ways to incorporate a theme into your wedding day is in the fashion. Many couples let their attire, their wedding dresses or suits, inspire the rest of their decor and theme of their wedding, since it is usually one of the first and one of the largest purchases made. Once you know what you’ll be wearing, you can dress your favourite humans in your colour scheme to really hit your theme home.

For this Marvel themed wedding, Anna Lang designed and provided the gowns for both brides. The dark blue sequins gown was perfect for the badass Captain Marvel, modelled by Melanie, and the Versailles ball gown brought the grandiose power we were looking for, for our Thanos bride, modelled by Monique.

Anna Lang Bridal is located at 376 Donald Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With custom and premade designs, Anna Lang is a true artisan who can make all of your wedding gown dreams come true!


For the bridal party, we thought it important to reverence our favourite Avengers in the colours of the attendants attire. Reds, blues and grey tones were key, with pops of greens.

Mallabar Apparels provided the tuxes for the masculine dressed attendants. We decided to give each one a silver vest with a dark red bow-tie, and then the jackets and pants corresponded with the characters each model was portraying. For Captain America, modeled by Mark, this meant a blue tux, for Thor, modelled by Andre, a grey tux, for Vision, modelled by Jordan, a navy tux and for Hawkeye, modelled by Toni, a black tux. You can find Mallabar Apparels at 1899 St. Matthews Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Hush Collection provided the gowns for the feminin dressed attendants, whose colours also corresponded with the characters each model was portraying. Iron Man, modeled by Susie, wore an off-the-shoulder, hip-hugging gown with a slit (style 18701 in colour 136y). Scarlet Witch, modeled by Cheyenne, wore a flowing maroon gown with ruffled straps (style 17201 in colour 130s). Black Widow, modelled by Macayla, wore a black, crossed-strap gown with a trumpet skirt (style 171010 in colour 17y). Black Panther, modelled by Sou, wore a black sequin gown with spaghetti straps (style 18704 in black glossy sequin). Hulk, modelled by Julie, wore a sage-coloured, flowy, off-the-shoulder gown with a slit (style 18105 in colour 3h). And finally, Loki, modelled by Carlie, wore a flowy, cold-shoulder, v-neck gown in a dark green (style 171001 in colour 67s).

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