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Last weekend I attended the Ma'Wa'Chi'Hi'To'Tan: Journeying in a Good Way Conference, sponsored, in part, by Inner City Youth Alive (my "day job"). Other sponsors and partners: Indigenous Pathways, North End Family Centre, First Nations Community Church, and Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. Each of the plenary speakers, seen below, sought to offer their perspectives on what it means to be indigenous and Christian. The results were quite enriching. During one of the reflection times I felt the need to respond in a creative way. My photography and my day job don't often mix, but sometimes you just need to grab your camera and worship Jesus by capturing the holiness that is happening in front of you.


Cheryl Bear, Wendy Beauchemin Peterson, Terry LeBlanc, Ray Aldred and Howard Jolly.

Bannock and jam (along with our lunches and supper on Friday) provided by Neechi Commons.

The conference was hosted by Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church. This mural can be found on the south wall of their building.

Kent Dueck, the Executive Director of Inner City Youth Alive.

Here is the full gallery of my work.

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