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Camp WannaKnowMore - Day One

I see photography not only as gift but also as a creative outlet. My few months working in a Sears Portrait Studio was simply meant to be a way to supplement our income. However, it quickly became a way for me to create and give back to the world, by capturing it’s beauty and the beauty of it’s beings. I fell in love with portraits and lifestyle photography and so when I left Sears it seemed only natural to continue in this love through my own small business.

Jas and Bimmer on the shore of Clear Lake.

The busyness of the life has a way of suffocating this creative in me. After four years of photography people and their stories, I felt dissatisfied by the lack of progress my business has made. Camp WannaKnowMore was an opportunity for me to learn and grow, and also to reignite my passion for photography.

Here are some spoils from the first workshops with Monique Pantel including a mock engagement sessions with our lovely models.

Golden hour with Jas and Bimmer
Jas and Bimmer; sunset at Clear Lake
Jas, strutting her stuff.
These two made excellent models for our mock engagement sessions at Camp WannaKnowMore.

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