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Custom Stained Glass Furbaby

Custom Stained Glass Furbaby

*As of February 1st, custom furbaby keepsakes will be increasing to $60 (plus taxes). Order yours before February 1st 2022 to get current pricing.*


Order a custom stained glass furbaby, with the colouring of your pet. To complete order, please email a photo of your pet to 

All your new stained glass piece needs to shine is some light! Utilize the provided hoop or chain and find a home for your new art piece.

Minimal cleaning is recommended; simply dust and, when needed, use a cloth dampened with distilled water.

The cardboard box used to ship your piece can be reused or recycled along with your other cardboard recycling.

The packing peanuts are made from cornstarch, are water-soluble, and can be composted.

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