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Want to know more?

Here, we bring stories to the light;

We laugh deeply, from our diaphragms and we ugly cry with abandon. We share our truths, even the unbearable and cringe-worthy truths that make our cheeks hot and red with embarrassment. We believe the veracity of our stories is for the betterment of the world.

Here, we let the light in.
Here we live in colour.

We bask in the vibrancy

of light shining through stained glass creations.

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Here, we step into the light;
We are brave enough to be vulnerable, to love ourselves and commit to ourselves on the most love-filled days of our lives and on the days when we don’t even want to look in a mirror. We step in front of the camera because we know the world needs

to see our light.


we are beholden

to the light

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Hey there,

It's me, Christina.

I’ve chosen crafts that are all about light.

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